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Types of Wind Turbines
Comparison: horizontal and vertical axis wind turbines. Comparison: horizontal and vertical axis
wind turbines.

Most wind turbines are known as horizontal axis wind turbines because the axis of rotation of the blades is in the horizontal plane.

The ropatec wind turbine is different, with a vertical axis of rotation.

Traditionally, there are two distinct types of vertical axis wind turbines known by the names darrius and savonius.

The ropatec wind rotors are neither proper darrius or savonius but a hybrid design.

Horizontal axis wind turbines are typically more efficient at converting wind energy into electricity than vertical axis wind turbines. For this reason they have become dominant in the commercial wind power market.

Small vertical axis wind turbines are more suited to urban areas as they are silent and because of the reduced risk associated with their slower rates of rotation.

A key benefit of putting wind turbines into urban areas is that they can produce power close to where the power is being consumed. This is referred to as distributed generation.

Distributed generation can be an efficient form of power generation because it can reduce the electrical losses associated with transmitting power over long distances.

Below are some images of vertical axis and horizontal wind turbines. The pictures show the varying scales and the diversity of wind power technology.

Vertical Axis Turbines
Horizontal Axis Turbines

Solwind is a NZ based company who have developed a vertical axis wind turbine.

Windside is a Finnish company specialising in helixial wind turbines suited to harsh environments.

Neoga is an experimental design wind turbine combining Darrius and Savonius elements.

The Flower Tower by Bill Dunster Architects
The Flower Tower is an example of a high rise building with vertical axis wind turbines embedded in its structure.

small wind turbines.

Middlegrunden offshore wind farm.

Gridlink is an Australian wind turbine manufacturer.

Westwind wind turbines are manufactured in Western Australia.

REpower MM70 2 MW wind turbine

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