Stuart State School kids Greening Townsville with the Mayor

A great community event where locals come together to plant trees and shrubs that are native to Townsville as a way to care for our unique natural environment and biodiversity.

National Tree Day
Sunday 27th July, 2003

Schools Day
Community Day
Camira Park Day
Friday 25 July
Sunday 27 July
Saturday 2 August
Council Forecourt
Wulguru & Mt. Louisa

Mayor planting trees with school children on National Tree Day
Mayor Tony Mooney planting trees with school children on National Tree Day

National Tree Day is a national event where communities across Australia can come together and plant trees and shrubs that are native to their local areas.

The event is organised nationally by Planet Ark in partnerships with Toyota and AMP Foundation, and in association with Greening Australia.

part of the Greening Townsville program

Tree Day is a nationwide campaign to promote planting of local native trees and shrubs to enhance the natural values of Australia’s unique natural environment, and promotes biodiversity by providing habitats for a diverse native flora and fauna.

Community hard at work on Tree Day
Community planting

Townsville City Council has been organising National Tree Day in Townsville for the last 4 years. Each year, the hugely popular event drew widespread support from the communities, local schools as well as businesses, and together has planted over 4500 local native trees and shrubs across Townsville.

Tamanu tree (Callophyllum inophyllum)
Tamanu tree (Callophyllum inophyllum)

This year, Townsville City Council again organises National Tree Day for Townsville. The event will consist of:

Schools Tree Day on the 25th of July 2003, involving local schools where schools children have the opportunity to plant local native trees and shrubs and at the same time to learn about the important of having a healthy environment as habitat for native flora and fauna. Participating schools.

The event is supported by Delfin Lend Lease who provides sponsorship for the purchase of materials and seedlings for the event.

Everyone gets involved on National Tree DayNational Tree Day on the 27th of July 2003, this will be an opportunity for the communities to come together and plant local native trees and shrubs on several selected sites around Townsville as a way to care for our local environment and contribute to achieving Townsville that is Clean and Green.

Aim of National Tree Day 2003 in Townsville is to promote the community plantings of local native trees and shrubs to enhance Townsville’s unique natural bushland and biodiversity and to enhance the city’s amenity.

Deputy Mayor Ann Bunnel giving native plants to schoolsObjectives of the event:

  • To promote and encourage community planting of trees and shrubs that are native to Townsville

  • To facilitate community involvement in activities aimed at improving local environmental values, enhancement as well as provision of natural habitat for local flora and fauna

Contact Environmental Management 47279310 for additional details



"As a car manufacturer, Toyota is acutely aware of the damage caused to the environment by carbon dioxide emissions" - Ken Asano, President Toyota Australia

Toyota's new model fuel-efficient cars can produce up to 30% less greenhouse gas emissions than older inefficient models.

Planting trees to absorb carbon dioxide emissions is an internationally recognized procedure for reducing the level of greenhouse gas emissions. According to Mr Ken Asano, educating and motivating individuals and organizations to plant carbon-absorbing trees is another positive way Toyota can help the Australian and global environment.

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