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National Tree Day Activities
Schools Tree day
Community Tree Day
Camira Park Tree Day
Friday 25 of July
Sunday 27 July
Saturday 2 August
Council Forecourt (map)
Wulguru (map) & Mt Louisa (map)
Cranbrook (map)

School Tree Day – Friday 25th of July 2003 – Council Forecourt (map)
  1. 10 am Launch of National Tree Day & Presentation of Trees to participating Schools
    10 : 00 am Arrival of representatives from participating schools
    10 : 10 am Welcome from Deputy Mayor Ann Bunnell
    10 : 20 am Address by representative from Delfin Lend Lease – Delfin Townsville Pty Ltd.
    10: 25 am Distribution and presentation of trees, student information pack, resources to participating schools. Deputy Mayor Ann Bunnell will announce each school followed by tree presentation by representative from Delfin.
    11 : 00 am Close
  1. Media and photo opportunities will be organised to document the launch of National Tree Day 2003 and School National Tree Day Tree Presentation.
  1. Participating schools will then plant their trees within their own school grounds.
  2. TCC natural area team and Greencorps will be providing assistance with planting if  required and/or requested by schools.

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Community National Tree Day – Sunday 27th of July 2003

This year there are 3 community planting sites:

Dalrymple Road Reserve (9-12 am) – Mount Louisa (see map)
The planting site with planting in progress

Dalrymple road reserve - Mount Louisa (not for cadastral purposes)

  • 9 am Community Planting

  • 11 am Free BBQ and Drinks
    sponsored by:
    Mike Carney Toyota

  • Environmental display

Free tree for participants and volunteers to plant on their own backyards

Edison Street Park (2-4 pm) – Wulguru (see map)

Edison street park aerial view (not for cadastral purposes) 2 pm - Community Planting
with Cr. Les Walker

4 pm - Free BBQ and Drinks

Free tree for participants and volunteers to plant on their own backyards

Planting at WulguruPlanting at Wulguru

Edison street park hill view
Edison street park hill view

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Camira Park – Cranbrook – Saturday, 2nd August (see map)

8:30 am - Community Planting

11:00 am - Free BBQ and Drinks

Free trees for participants and volunteers to plant on their backyards

Don’t Forget to SLIP, SLOP, SLAP!

For further details contact: Environmental Management on
4727 9310

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