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Sustainability in Action

Sustainability is about ensuring that what we have today is available for the future. Sustainability in Action demonstrates many practical methods of 'living sustainably for tomorrow.'

'EBalance' Classroom Sustainability Workshop

Everyday we utilise electricity produced, and transport powered from, non - renewable fossil fuels. The 'EBalance' Classroom Sustainability Workshop will enable students to investigate traditional sources of power generation and the local and global implications of burning fossil fuels. The workshop will highlight renewable alternatives to non-renewable fossil fuels with activites including:

  • The Journey to School Carbon Calculator Challenge

  • Class Based Waste Stream Audit

  • Development of a Class/School based Sustainability Management Plan

Sustainability Learnscape

The Strand Wind Project at Townsville demonstrates the capturing and use of renewable energy - wind power. The Strand wind turbine can produce enough energy to power an average house in Townsville and reduce greenhouse emissions by approximately 6.3 tonnes a year.

The Strand Wind Turbine -
Power from wind

Students can visit the wind turbine and interperative display at The Strand and learn about:

Students can also investigate the Strand Wind Project online by visiting



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