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Superhero a water warrior


Move over X-Men, Waterboy is on the scene.
The masked hero has become Townsville’s guard against the squandering of an essential resource.

He’s stands for water conservation in every yard and industrial site, water quality in every drop that drips from taps and water safety in every pool, dam and weir in Townsville and Thuringowa.

Waterboy is an enigma. He came from no-where and promises to be everywhere in his attempts to forge an alliance with the people of the twin cities in the never-ending battle against ignorance and wastage.

Waterboy is owned by no-one and belongs to everyone.

Only a small group of people know his identity. They have worked deep in the bowls of the Barrier Reef Institute of TAFE to design and craft the costume which protects his anonymity and lets him operate with impunity.

Waterboy’s powers are yet to be tested to the full but he has been known to turn ‘poohey’ water clean, save the environment from harmful weeds, educate masses on water conservation and fight public ignorance.

"My mission is to maintain the quality of life for the people of Townsville and Thuringowa by protecting the very thing that sustains us … water," Waterboy said.

"Water is a finite resource and every drop has to be respected, especially in the dry tropics. Water quality and water conservation is everyone’s responsibility and I’ll be doing my part to help ensure a healthy, happy community.

"My arch nemesis, Queen Cabomba, hides in the depth of local weirs with her weedy army gathering strength to threaten the quality of our water and encourage water wastage. She has to be contained and eventually, beaten.

"I have many friends to call on for help like NQ Water, Citiwater and Thuringowa Water and schools and households to name a few. Together we will fight the good fight.

"Queen Cambomba has threatened she will turn up at the Thuringowa River Festival at 6:20pm on Sunday, July 27. Waterboy will be on guard all day just in case she shows her weedy head."

The advent of Waterboy has been heralded by water authorities across the Townsville and Thuringowa.
NQ Water Chief Executive Officer, Ken Diehm said it was good to know that the waterwise crusader was there to help.

"Access to potable water underwrites our standard of living and ensures our potential to grow," Mr Diehm said. "So the maintenance of water quality is a never ending quest."

Manager of Citiwater, Henry Fracchia, said the search light just has to go up and Waterboy was on the case.
"Waterboy is to Townsville what Batman is to Gotham City," Mr Fracchia said. "He has come along just at the right time, considering we have had a slack wet season and are heading into another long dry."

Manager of Thuringowa Water, Col Phillips said Waterboy’s influence on young people was especially welcome.

"They talk the same language," he said. "Waterboy’s challenges in the longer term will include promoting recycling initiatives. There is one thing we would all like to know … Who is that masked man?"

NQ Water CEO Ken Diehm 4726 0000
Manger Citiwater Henry Fracchia on 4727 8760
Manager Thuringowa Water CEO Col Phillips on 4773 8475
NQ Water Media Liaison Robert Dark on 0417 623 156.