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Passion, People, Planet: this is the philosophy that drives Gough Plastics. Established in 1989, Gough's is a family run business which has grown from two to 32 staff.

Some of Gough Plastics' Environmental Initiatives

  • Hot Harry - domestic solar hot water system
  • Turtle Barrier - for Blakeys Crossing (Envirofund Application)
  • Dump Ezy - waste receptacle for campervan and motorhome waste
  • Water Tanks - domestic, aesthetic, rainwater and portable tanks
  • Hybrid Toilet - low water consumption toilet for remote areas

While Gough Plastics manufacture plastic products using rotational moulding machinery, they see themselves more as a firm specialising in water storage and treatment technology. Water is a key feature of nature and of our daily lives. Gough Plastics develop and manufacture products that assist in the stewardship of this valuable resource.

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Ian Gough
with the Dump Ezy.

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"When you see campers emptying portable toilets in National Parks and thereby putting formaldehyde into the ground water, you are forced to act", says Director, Ian Gough.

"Some people chain themselves to bulldozers as a demonstration of their commitment to environmental sustainability", he says.

"The way that we demonstrate our commitment to sustainability is by developing and retailing sustainable water technology."

In this instance, the technology is the DumpEzy, a disposal station for sewage from camper vans (pictured left)

Gough are also keenly aware of climate change caused by human greenhouse emissions as a fundamental global problem.Supported by the Australian Greenhouse Office, Gough Plastics has developed Hot Harry (discontinued), a new type of solar hot water system. With over 10 years of research and development plus $1 million in investment, Hot Harry was going to be commercially available in July, 2004.

Another key feature of Gough's business approach is through partnerships. In partnerships with James Cook University and Townsville City Council, for example, Gough Plastics developed the hybrid toilet.

Gough also partnered with Townsville City Council in writing an Enviro Fund funding application for the production of a moulded plastic barrier to prevent turtle mortality along Blakeys Crossing. While the funding application was not successfull, the initiative raised awareness of the opportunities for turtle conservation.

Gough Plastics also partners with Tradelink Environmental Solutions for marketing a range of their products and with VRM International.

With their guiding philosophy and their business partners, plus a string of Intellectual Property - from micro-flush toilets to solar hot water systems - Gough Plastics knows a thing or two about sustainable business.

"Profit is an integral part of business", says Ian Gough, "without profit, there is no business. However, business built for profit alone is a hollow vessel and may fail the test of time. Business also needs a heart and an awareness of the needs of the world we live in".

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Gough Plastics Water Tanks
Gough Water Tanks

Hot Harry Domestic Solar Hot Water System

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