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"Youth comprise nearly 30 percent of the world's population. The involvement of today's youth in environment and development decision-making and in the implementation of programmes is critical to the long-term success of Agenda 21."
(Section 25.1, Chapter 25 - Children and Youth in Sustainable Development).

Youth Environment Network

Townsville City Council Environmental Management Services is developing, in partnership with Youth Development Services a Youth Environment Network - 'SUSTAIN'.

Sustain is about young people. Commited to their Future

'SUSTAIN' is an initiative to engage young people in the environment, harnessing creativity, unique perspectives, energy and fostering respect and ownership of the urban and wider environment.


The empowerment of young people to identify and work towards sustainability is integral to the ideals of inter generational equity and sustainable futures. Youth participation and engagement is essential to capacity building and the long term viability of the community.

Current Initiatives:

Young people have been an active and critical component of environmental projects and initiatives undertaken by Townsville City Council. Young people have become integrated and involved through ventures such as the School Shade Tree Program, Future Leaders Congress, school holiday programs, What a Load of Rubbish and a host of school and community based programs. SUSTAIN is an opportunity to consolidate, profile and expand the energy and momentum of this important involvement.

What bug is that?
What bug is that?
(Macroinvertebrate analysis
at Louisa Creek)
Sustainable Initiatives
for young people

For more information contact:
Integrated Sustainability Services, ph: 4727 9520

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