Townsville Sustainable Schools
Townsville West State School

Students and staff are kept busy chasing off the big goanna that tries to eat the curlew eggs...
  TWSS has a long term Environmental Plan, now in its third year.
TWSS is located on the western side of Castle Hill in the suburb of West End. The TWSS environmental program initially started because native curlews used the school playground as an nesting area.
What started as a curlew awareness and protection project grew to include tree planting for native wildlife habitat.

Click on the image to test your ability see through the curlew's cunning camouflage
Tree Plantings
by year
  2000 70 trees
  2001 150 trees
  2002 234 trees

TWSS has a program to bring the wildlife to the classroom by extending habitat planting from the perimeter of the school grounds to the school buildings. Council assisted with the selection of trees to match the flora of Castle Hill. To date, over 400 trees have been planted by students and staff.