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Heatley High School
Special Education Unit
Environmental Initiatives.


Heatley kids planting trees

Heatley High School Special Education Unit is involved in a range of activities that seek to improve the environment and to foster a sense of awareness about nature in the students. These activities include:

  • Common Interest Group

  • Louisa Creekwatch

Common Interest
Every Wednesday morning for the past three years four students from the Special Education Unit get their hands dirty on the Town Common. The students work alongside the Common Interest Team, a voluntary group who regularly get together to undertake environmental activities on the Town Common. Managed by the Conservation Volunteers, the students of Heatley High plant trees, collect seeds and undertake various duties in flora and fauna surveys.

Louisa Creekwatch
Heatley High School also fields students to assist in Louisa Creekwatch activities. Louisa Creekwatch is managed by Conservation Volunteers and funded by Townsville City Council. It forms part of the TCC Urban Stormwater Quality Management Plan (USQMP) education/awareness of urban stormwater program. Up to 10 students are involved in the Louisa Creekwatch program every Tuesday. Activities include water quality monitoring, weed removal and other activities.