School Environmental Initiatives
The Marian School

Mr. Paul Lucas Principal
3 July, 2000

1. Environmental Management

The Marian School has a strong interest in fostering environmental awareness and developing environmental stewardship among its students, parents and staff. During the years, the school has developed many programs and incorporate environmental education within the school program to help it achieve this environmental aim.

Furthermore, the school is actively involved in various local and state environmental activities and has won several Townsville City Council and Queensland environmental awards.

2. Revegetation Program

The Marian school is actively involved in revegetation activities organised by Townsville City Council (e.g. National Tree Days). The revegetation program saw the school with the assistance of Townsville City Council planted trees and undertake maintenance activities at Currajong Park.

Further revegetation activity is also part of yearly "Greening of Marian Day", which is undertaken as part of the Queensland Day (June 6th), which focuses on special areas of the school garden. The project enables interaction between children, parents and teachers and at the same time foster environmental awareness and stewardship.

3. Environmental Education Program

The Marian School has developed a comprehensive Environmental Education Curriculum for children from Pre-school to Year 7. Various integrated activities flow out of that program, including class care and responsibility for a section of the school grounds, its maintenance and development. The school also adopt programs, which help foster environmental awareness among both children as well as parents. These environmental education programs are the "Green Guardians Children's Club" and the "Greening of Marian Parent Committee".

A part from this, the school also actively involved in the Q-Build's Planet Maintenance Program, especially creative uses of paper mache. Moreover, Marian school is also involved in the Q-Build Waterwise Program.

To facilitate children development, Marian School developed classes, which require children to be involved in the care and maintenance of the school veggie garden plots and thematic garden development. As part of maintaining these gardens, the school also has worm farming, which is useful for fertiliser.

4. Waste Management Programs

The school also adopted daily re-cycling of all playground rubbish into three categories namely, food scraps, recyclable materials and "rubbish". The school's recycling program also covers the recycling of classroom and office paper. Furthermore, old newspaper are collected and utilised as groundcover for moisture enhancement.

5. Future Projects

The school is planning to undertake further playground activity and environmental development, which include the development:
- A chess pit
- A butterfly garden
- A tactile garden
- A frog pond
- An aroma garden