Hesroc-NQ.org.au - Health & Environment Regional Organisation of Councils.

Local Government addressing natural resources management
and environmental health issues in North Queensland

HESROC - Health & Environment
Regional Organisation of Councils

HESROC exists under the authority of the North Queensland Local Government Association and is made up of six Councils.

  • Townsville
  • Burdekin
  • Dalrymple
  • Charters Towers
  • Hinchinbrook, and
  • Thuringowa

Burdekin Dry Tropics Regional Local Government Network (NRM)


The objectives of (HESROC-NQ) are:

  • To foster open discussion and promote active participation by member local governments in dealing with common environmental management and public health issues and constraints on a regional basis; in the local government areas of Burdekin, Charters Towers, Dalrymple, Hinchinbrook, Thuringowa and Townsville.

  • To encourage responsible public health and environmental management practices within its member local governments.

  • To facilitate a coordinated approach to public health and environmental management throughout its defined region.

  • To promote the development of public health and environmental management strategies and facilities on a regional basis.

  • To develop networks for the receipt and dissemination of information of public health and environmental management issues.

  • To form task-specific working groups to research public health and environmental management issues relevant to the region and prepare appropriate submissions and recommendations.

  • To invite the participation of representatives of State agencies and the private sector in discussion on relevant issues.

    To seek funding from State and Federal governments for appropriate projects.

  • To commission external organisations or persons to conduct investigations and report on relevant issues.

Natural Resources Management & Biodiversity

Waste Management
  • HESROC-NQ local governments initiated a Regional Waste Management Strategy in response to the need to have and develop an integrated approach to waste management across the social-economic and environmental region of HESROC.

Environmental Health
  • Litter Strategies

  • Environmental Protection Working Group (soon)

Shires and Cities

Burdekin Shire

Charters Towers
Dalrymple Shire

Hinchinbrook Shire

Burdekin Shire
Hinchinbrook Shire
Charters Towers
Charters Towers
Townsville City
City of Thuringowa
Dalrymple Shire


Townsville State Of Environment Report
Townsville State of Environment Report