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A group of residents of Marabou Drive restored the riparian vegetation of a section of the Ross River

Marabou Drive
Community Revegetation Group

Community partnership sign at Marabou drive
Community Partnership

This project was an initiative of a group of residents of Marabou Drive who wanted to improve the appearance and wildlife habitat opportunities of the small creek near the Marabou Drive pump station.

Aims of the Project

  • To protect and enhance the remnant vegetation

  • To reduce and control weed species

  • To increase the stability of the bank by planting local native plant species

  • To increase habitat opportunities for native fauna
  • To improve the appearance of the creek which had become infested with environmental weeds and noxious plants

Project Description

Marabou residents planting. December 1998The project has been running for 5 years and commenced in December 1998. The Marabou Drive Community Revegetation Group have undertaken the following Bushcare activities.

  • Weed Management

    • Clearing weeds manually

    • Brush-cutting

    • Application of herbicide

  • Mulching

    • Use of mulch supplied by Townsville City Council

    • As well as newspaper and cut guinea grass

  • Planted over 2000 local native plant species supplied by Tropical Urban Production and Landcare Group and Townsville City Council Environmental Management Services. Plantings were conducted in stages starting in December 1998.

  • Watering

    • Trees planted during the wet season to reduce losses

    • Hand watering of newly planted tubestock on a monthly basis

Environmental Benefits

  • Many birds have been attracted to the revegetation area

  • The area provides habitat for small marsupials including bandicoots, white-tailed rats, echidnas and wallabies

  • The beauty of the area has been greatly enhanced

  • Noxious weeds have been almost entirely eradicated

  • The embankment has been stabilised against erosion

Project progress

Photo Point 1 - Looking West, Ross River upstream

Photo Point 1, Looking west, Ross River upstream, February 2000
February 2000

January 2004
Photo Point 2 - Looking Northeast

Photo Point 2, Looking North East, October 1999
October 1999

Photo Point 2, Looking North East, December 2003
December 2003


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