State Coastal Management Plan

Consultation on State Coastal Management Plan

The State coastal plan describes how the coastal zone is to be managed as required by the Coastal Protection and Management Act 1995. Policies for managing the major coastal issues are detailed under the following topic headings:

The State coastal plan provides coastal management policy direction and defines how these directions should be implemented by government, industry and the community.

If you would like more information on the State Coastal Plan, please email or phone the coastal planning hotline on 1800 677 831.

State coastal management plan — Queensland's coastal policy

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Executive summary
Table of contents 

Format of document

Chapter 1:
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Vision for Queensland's coast

  • Vision statement
  • Purpose of State Coastal Management Plan
  • Coastal Management in the Queensland context
  • Regional overviews
  • Relationship with regional coastal management plans

Chapter 2:
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How Queensland’s coastal zone is to be managed 

  • Implementing the State Coastal Plan
  • Coastal use and development
  • Physical coastal processes
  • Public access to the coast
  • Water quality
  • Indigenous Traditional Owner cultural resources
  • Cultural heritage
  • Coastal landscapes
  • Conserving nature
  • Coordinated management
  • Research and information

Chapter 3:
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Role of agencies and groups

  • Role of the Minister for Environment
  • Role of the Minister for Local Government and Planning
  • Role of the Coastal Protection Advisory Council
  • Role of the lead agency
  • Role of regional consultative groups
  • Role of local government
  • Role of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities
  • Role of the community
  • Role of industry groups
  • Role of other State Government agencies
  • Role of Commonwealth Government
  • Role of research bodies

Schedule 1:
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Regional overviews

  • Region: Gulf of Carpentaria Coast
  • Region: Cape York Peninsula Coast
  • Region: Torres Strait
  • Region: Wet Tropical Coast
  • Region: Cardwell-Hinchinbrook
  • Region: Dry Tropical Coast
  • Region: Whitsunday Coast
  • Region: Capricorn Coast
  • Region: Curtis Coast
  • Region: Wide Bay Coast
  • Region: South-east Queensland Coast

Schedule 2:
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Scenic coastal landscapes

  • Areas of state significance (scenic coastal landscapes)
  • Scenic management issues
  • Regional cities
  • Linear coastal strips
  • Low intensity coastal plains
  • Extensive coastal plains
  • Steep coastal ranges
  • Major peninsula and island groups
  • Major island groups