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Phase One
1996-1997 to 2001-2002

Programs of the first phase of the Natural Heritage Trust:
Coasts and Clean Seas

Under the first phase of the Natural Heritage Trust, the Coasts and Clean Seas initiative was made up of a number of programs. These programs funded a variety of projects: whether big or small, on the shore, in the estuaries or out to sea. The emphasis was on practical 'hands on' projects aimed at better managing our natural resources and restoring, conserving and enhancing our coastal and marine environment.

The programs which were part of the Coasts and Clean Seas initiative are listed below. The links lead to more information on each of the programs, including lists of projects funded by the programs.


A final evaluation of the overall achievements of the first phase of the Natural Heritage Trust will soon be conducted. Information about the final evaluation will be put on this web site when it becomes available.

All Coasts and Clean Seas Programs, apart from the Marine Waste Reception Facilities Program, were included in the Mid Term Review of the Natural Heritage Trust: 1997-1999.

More Information

The extension of the Natural Heritage Trust will fund coastal and marine activities from all investment levels (national/state, regional and the Australian Government Envirofund).

Information about Australian Government coastal and marine policy development and implementation is available from the Department of the Environment and Heritage Coasts and Oceans web site.

The National Oceans Office, established in December 1999, is the lead Commonwealth agency for implementing Australia's Oceans Policy, including regional marine planning. Visit the National Oceans Office's web site at for the latest Oceans Policy news.

The Natural Heritage Trust is jointly administered by the Departments of
Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry and the Environment and Heritage