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National Strategy for the Conservation of Australia's Biological Diversity

Department of the Environment, Sport and Territories, 1996
ISBN 0642244278



1 Conservation of biological diversity across Australia

1.1 Identification
1.2 Bioregional planning and management
1.3 Management for conservation
1.4 Protected areas
1.5 Conservation outside protected areas
1.6 Wildlife conservation
1.7 Threatened biological diversity
1.8 Biological diversity and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples
1.9 Ex-situ conservation

2 Integrating biological diversity conservation and natural resource management

2.1 National integrated policies
2.2 Agriculture and pastoralism
2.3 Fisheries
2.4 Forestry
2.5 Water
2.6 Tourism and recreation
2.7 Utilisation of wildlife
2.8 Access to genetic resources

3 Managing threatening processes

3.1 Threatening processes and activities
3.2 Clearing of native vegetation
3.3 Alien species and genetically modified organisms
3.4 Pollution control
3.5 Fire
3.6 Impacts of climate change on biological diversity
3.7 Rehabilitation
3.8 Environmental assessment

4 Improving our knowledge

4.1 Knowledge and understanding

5 Involving the community

5.1 Awareness and involvement
5.2 Formal education

6 Australia's international role

6.1 International agreements
6.2 Overseas activities
6.3 International cooperation

7 Implementation

7.1 Priorities and time frames
7.2 Coordination and review
7.3 Complementary strategies and legislation
7.4 Funding implementation

Appendix 1 Australia's biological diversity

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