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Mt St John Wastewater Treatment Plant

Brochure on Mt St John Wastewater Purification Plant

Mt St John Wastewater Treatment Plant (MSJ) is one of  Townsville's major wastewater treatment plants. It started operations in 1972 and has been continually upgraded since then to meet the demands of an ever increasing population.

The Mt St John Wastewater Treatment Plant consists of a primary screen, aerated grit tank, primary clarifiers, biofilters, secondary clarifiers, sludge digestion tanks, sludge drying beds and UV disinfection. Sewage at this Plant goes to primary and secondary levels of treatment.

MSJ receives between 11and 13 million litres of raw sewage every day. Some treated effluent is reused to irrigate the Plant grounds, the RAAF Base, Rowes Bay Golf Course and Pallarenda foreshore.

Operation conditions for MSJ comply  with the International Quality Management System ISO 9001 and effluent treatment and release is in accordance with EPA licensing agreements.

Citiwater encourages school, university, community and other interested groups to take a guided tour of the Mt St John Wastewater Treatment Plant.  For further information or bookings please send us an email or facsimile.



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