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the benefits of the hybrid toilet system

  • The MicroFlush option uses only 300mls water for flushing
  • The NonFlush pedestal uses no water at all
  • Delivers extremely high quality effluent
  • Is capable of coping with over 100% overload situations
  • Is easily installed in existing or new households that are not able to connect to a sewer system

how the hybrid toilet system works

  • The waste enters the primary tank which is filled with water, where it is acted upon by bacteria and is broken down to 5% of its original mass. Via displacement, the clarified effluent then travels to the secondary treatment unit. On completion of treatment (approx 120 days) the effluent is then dispersed to ground via a gravel bed.

maintaining the hybrid toilet system

  • The primary tank should only require sludge pump-out every 4-6 years, dependent upon usage.
  • No need for chemicals, only water, EMC and/or Bicarbonate of Soda needs to be used to clean the pedestal. Bokashi can be added to the primary tank if smells occur. EMC & Bokashi are available from your local Tradelink store or by contacting Gough’s.

history of the hybrid toilet system

  • The Hybrid Toilet System was developed in the early 1990’s by Gough Plastics, James Cook University, Sustainable Wastewater Technologies, NCD of Port Moresby and Townsville City Council.
  • The system was developed to deliver high quality effluent with low e-coli levels, requiring minimal maintenance and have the option of using wind, solar or mains power for ventilation.warranty
  • The Hybrid Toilet System is covered by a full manufacturers


  • The electrical items are covered by a 6 month warranty and there is a 5 year warranty on the materials and workmanship.
  • The warranty is limited to the use of the system under normal operating conditions and commences on the date of purchase.


  • The Hybrid Toilet System must be installed in accordance with the appropriate Australian Standards and local regulations. Please seek guidance from your local regulatory body.

available from

  • contact your local agent on 1800 308 302