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Ecotourism Australia's 2006 International Conference

Natarajan Ishwaran
  Natarajan Ishwaran

Ishwaran is a Sri Lankan national with an educational back ground in Zoology and Wildlife Management. Since 1986 he has been directly associated with the work of the activities of the World Heritage Convention, Biosphere Reserves, Man and the Biosphere (MAB) Program and many other ecological and environmental sciences and protected areas initiatives of UNESCO.

He facilitated close co-operation between Ecotourism Australia and the UNESCO World Heritage Centre between 2000-2004.

Currently the Director of the Division of Ecological and Earth Sciences, the International Secretary of the MAB Program and the UNESCO focal point for biodiversity activities, he is encouraging the use of UNESCO designated sites such as World Heritage areas, biosphere reserves and geoparks as globally significant areas for learning sustainable development practices including adaptations to climate change.


Ecotourism Futures and Changing Climates

Many travelers and tourism enterprises are committed to minimizing their carbon foot-print. Conservation organizations place dollar values for offsetting green house gas emissions and reallocate funds generated to finance important climate change mitigation actions.

The theme of this year's ecotourism Australia conference, i.e. building on natural advantages, could stimulate scenario building to visualize shifts in natural and cultural values resulting from climate change in landscapes and lifestyles and their significance for tourism futures.

Possible business development and partnership building opportunities that may be emerging via such shifts are illustrated through some examples from selected countries with whom UNESCO co-operates in a range of environmental and ecological sciences programs and projects.

UN World Tourism Organization and other tourism industry partners may encourage dialogues and discussions on ecotourism futures and climate change.


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