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Hume Campbell
Chief Executive Officer
Riverside Marine
  Hume Campbell

Hume Campbell is third generation of the company Riverside Marine - an Australian owned family business. From the early days of transporting coal on the Brisbane River to conducting a road and sea freight transport operation in the Gulf of Carpentaria, to discharging concentrate in the Kimberley region, to operating a car and passenger ferry from Magnetic Island to Townsville, to providing ship towing services in the Ports of Dampier and Bunbury, the Company also provides marine and consultancy services in ship design and construction, ship modification and day to day ship management.

Hume has over thirty years experience in the maritime industry having filled a range of positions from Master - Port of Brisbane, Mate on various tug and barge operations on the East Coast of Queensland and spent several years working on offshore towing operations for the Vancouver Tug Boat Company. Hume held various management positions within the Company prior to assuming the role of Managing Director in 1998. Hume was instrumental in forming the joint venture company which is the first competitive harbour towage provider in years.

Hume is a member of the National Maritime Safety Committee and on the National Marine Industry Advisory Council. Hume is also a member of the Family Business Association National Board.


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