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Hon. Fran Bailey
Small Business and Tourism
  Hon. Fran Bailey

Fran Bailey was sworn in as Minister for Small Business and Tourism on 26 October 2004. She is the Member for the Victorian seat of McEwen and has held that seat since March 1996, and previously from 1990-1993.

She has previously served as Minister for Employment Services and Minister Assisting the Minister for Defence, and Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Defence.
Born in Brisbane, Ms Bailey grew up in Queensland and attended All Hallows College. She graduated as a secondary college teacher, specialising in English, History and French, from Queensland University. She later returned to study sociology at La Trobe University in Melbourne where she focussed on the psychology of group dynamics.

Prior to entering parliament, Ms Bailey operated several small businesses, including a retail outlet and a commercial and stud cashmere business which exported both meat and fibre.
As Minister for Employment Services, she was responsible for the Job Network, the Work for the Dole Scheme and other employment services. As Minister Assisting the Minister for Defence, her range of responsibilities included personnel, recruiting, compensation, superannuation and consultation between Defence and industry.

While Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Defence, she ensured greater opportunities for small business in providing contracted support services to the Australian Defence Force.
Ms Bailey served on the House of Representatives Standing Committees including: Industry, Science and Technology from 29.5.96 to 31.8.98, and Primary Industries, Resources and Rural and Regional Affairs from 29.5.96 to 31.8.98, as well as Foreign Affairs Defence and Trade from 8.12.98 to 11.2.02.

The seat of McEwen spreads from the northern edge of Melbourne across the Great Dividing Range to the plains and highlands of central Victoria. It includes vineyards, cattle grazing, market gardening, sawmills, textiles, dairying and various small businesses and tourism.
Ms Bailey has two daughters, Amanda and Annabel.


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