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Ecotourism Australia's 2006 International Conference

Mr Craig Davidson
General Manager
Hamilton Island Reosrt
  Mr Craig Davidson

Craig is currently the Resort General Manager for Hamilton Island and has been in this position from January 2005. This is Craig's second stint on the island having worked there from 1996 - 2002 as part of the team that turned Hamilton Island around. In between these times Craig worked for Voyages based in Sydney as Executive General Manager Operations (Voyages' portfolio consists of Alice Springs Resort, Ayers Rock resort, Bedarra Island Resort, Brampton Island Resort, Coconut Beach Rainforest Lodge, Cradle Mountain Lodge, Dunk Island Resort, Ferntree Rainforest Lodge, Heron Island Resort, Kings Canyon Resort, Lizard Island Resort, Longitude 131, Silky Oaks Lodge, Wilson Island, Wrotham Park Lodge).

As well as being a Board member of Tourism Whitsundays, and previously holding the position of Chairman, Craig is a Director of AMPTO (Association of Marine Park Tourism Operators). Furthermore, Craig was a Director of Eco Tourism Australia during his time with Voyages.

Craig is a resort and island specialist and other than work he loves sailing, skiing, food and wine (and of course his wife and three children).


"Hamilton" - Today, Tomorrow and Eco Value

Hamilton Island could be considered the last place thought of as "eco friendly". A jet airport, high rise buildings and petrol burning buggies have firmly positioned Hamilton Island at the "other" end of the ecotourism spectrum. All this in the middle of the Great Barrier Reef marine park. What were they thinking?

More importantly, what are they thinking now? New owners and the next phase of Hamilton Island's development provide a unique opportunity to see how "big business" sees value in ecotourism and certification.

Craig Davidson, Hamilton Island's current Resort General Manager (previously a board member of Ecotourism Australia and currently on the board of Tourism Whitsundays and AMPTO), will discuss the practical application and value of ecotourism certification as it applies to Hamilton Island now and in the future development of this dynamic business.


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